Anita Millward-Smith

Anita Millward-Smith

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Anita works with both glass and willow to produce mosaic art and willow sculptures for gardens and outdoor spaces.  Anita passionately believes that art can be harmoniously situated within nature, enhancing the beauty of both.  Using willow grown on the Somerset Levels, Anita draws inspiration from nature to create individual  pieces that sit naturally within their environment; a person sat on a bench, sheep grazing, cats prowling, birds feeding and a reindeer at Christmas.

Anita also introduces into the environment the vibrancy of coloured glass by creating unique bird baths and stepping stones that provide functionality as well as adding beauty and colour.  She is now exploring how mosaics can translate into interior wall-art and has just produced a collection of artwork of well-known Bristol scenes … seen with her eyes and translated with the use of glass.

Working mainly to commission Anita creates one-off pieces to a client’s specifications and personal to them and the environment in which the artwork will be situated.


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