Angie Kenber

Angie Kenber

Venue : 16 Elm Lane BS6 6UE

I became a grandmother two years ago, and the experience has returned me to that visceral sense of living intensely in the moment, both physically and emotionally, and has re-awakened for me the wonder of childlike curiosity and fun.

For many years my work has been exploring my passion for combining colour and shape: colour relationships as the subject and object of my work.  Originally inspired by landscape, these artworks seek to evoke joy, and a deep connection to my emotional landscape.  Gradually some of my work has become completely abstract: looking into and through space, layered both metaphorically and literally.

Recently this layering has led me into collage – using torn papers and unfinished screenprints, drawing as well as paint, and the inclusion of the figure.

I have been looking at Mary Cassatt, and her ‘Japanese’ prints, and I am drawn back to ‘mother and child’ and portraiture.

I’m now exploring pulling the two strands of my work together: the figure and coloured abstraction.

I have never felt more deeply connected with my creative work.                                      ——-

My studio is at BV Studios in Bristol, and I am a member of Spike Print Studios, and an Artist Member of the RWA.  I gained my honours degree in Fine Art from UWE in Bristol – over many years combining my career with bringing up my children. I currently exhibit and sell my work widely.

For me, being an artist and being a mother/grandmother co-exist equally.

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: angiekenberart