Yuliya Maleeva

Yuliya Maleeva

Venue 7

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I graduated from Art school and then I graduated in Architecture from University.

I specialise in conservation and restoration of old buildings and structures. Originally from Bulgaria, I live and work in Bristol, renovating old houses and painting old boats, or the other way around.

I’ve been fascinated with old structures, derelict houses, abandoned factories, boat skeletons and old gadgets for a very long time. It’s interesting to explore the layers of time, the stories of the elements, the battle to survive. I think I have a kind of romantic relationship with my objects, sometimes they are sad and mysterious, the next day they smile and are telling me stories. They are my guardians of time. And maybe there is a reason they are still here.

Bristol and South West bring abundance of inspiration to me and I feel very privileged to live and work here. My recent works are oil paintings, but I am trying to find some new techniques and have been exploring different mediums like pastels, wax, collages. I have also been commissioned to do some installations in private homes.

Website: www.ylimal.com