Yuliya Maleeva

Julia Maleeva

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Julia is classically trained in fine arts and has an MA in Architecture.

Throughout her career in architecture Julia has kept up her interest in painting, and more recently she has returned to fine art full time.

Most of her works are inspired by local landscapes, cranes, boats and old houses.

For her, art is a trip to one’s imagination, because every time one sees the same object differently, so as the same picture tells one a different story. The perspective aspects are endless. Creating art is also an expedition to find a better technique to express things more clearly. As always, she is fascinated with the interplay of different viewpoints, amalgamation of techniques and has been exploring new fusion of drypoint and oil painting, wrapped in cold wax.

She exhibits both in her own studio, as well as in https://www.saatchiart.com/ylimal

Her artwork is included in private homes in UK and Bulgaria. She creates also art installations in private homes.

Cards and prints are available for selected works.

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.ylimal.com