Tristan Roperto

Tristan Roperto

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Tristan Roperto 2I first got into Photography when I was 13 and was lucky enough to have my photo ?New York Taxi? exhibited at the RWA. I originally took my photographs on a Nokia phone and then moved on to an iPhone. It was great at the time as nobody takes any notice of a kid with a phone and it opened up a gateway of opportunities! I now use an SLR camera to get better picture quality, but I do miss the spontaneity of being able to ?clic?n?run?, which was the theme for my 2011 Arts Trail exhibition.Tristan Roperto 3

I love architecture, buildings, anything that?s been constructed and that you can walk around, go into and keeps the rain out, both here and abroad. It?s a real challenge to find a different ?take? or viewpoint on well known places and show the familiar and usual, as exciting and unusual. I really do enjoy making people think Tristan Roperto 4about the image that they at looking at, rather than just glance at it quickly and move on.

For this Arts Trail I want to pay tribute to Bristol, whether it be glazed in snow or pouring with rain! My goal is to show some of Bristol?s most recognizable structures in interesting and fresh ways. I especially want to photograph Nick Park?s ?Grommits? sculptures, because he?s a real hero for me and I so appreciated our hospital?s care when I broke my foot. I hope that you can come to this year?s Arts Trail and celebrate Bristol?s great places.Tristan Roperto 5

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