Suzy Davis

Suzy Davis

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?Suzy Davis’s creative?background is in interior design & floristry.

Suzy Davis 2Suzy?now?divides her time between the West Country & North Carolina, where her son – an established landscape?painter, has lived & worked for 30 years. Much of Suzy’s work is inspired by the American landscape &?in particular,?the?detritus often seen?in both rural & urban environments. From images?of the invasive?creeping?’Kudzo’?vine?engulfing abandoned cars,?to rusting?white?goods?dumped?in suburban?front yards.?This?subject matter?makes apparent the?contrast between America’s hope filled vistas?& seemingly eternal?blue skies, and?a nation’s relentless?drive toward bigger, better & newer. An?American zeitgeist.

North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains in the?Appalachia, are part of the Suzy Davis 3oldest & longest standing mountain ranges in the world.?The staggering age &?beauty of this backdrop provide the catalyst for making such contrasting work – that they may,?by way of their?honesty, serve as reminders to?preserve the landscape for the?generations to come.

When Suzy is back in England, she paints still life?of fruits,?flora & fauna, mostly?gathered from her own garden, as well as?Bristol’s historic & industrial?architecture. Forgotten buildings still strive to be remembered & fruit or flowers on their way to?decay recur?frequently,?reminding?us of both?life’s impermanence & the importance of?gratitude for?the things & places we have in this moment.

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