Studio upstairs

Studio upstairs

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Studio upstairs 2Artists use a range of mediums to create artwork from paintings, drawings, sculpture, installation and performance. Artwork from the Studio Upstairs community will be for sale at the exhibition along with prints and cards.

Studio Upstairs is a registered charity, providing artistic resources and therapeutic support to people experiencing mental and emotional distress and to those in drug and alcohol recovery. The majority of Studio members are people who have not found sufficient support within the mainstream health services. The Studio specialises in enabling an individual to become autonomous. It is a Studio upstairs 3place where people can start to shed definitions, diagnoses

and challenge the associated stigma. They can create and use art as a catalyst for personal and social change.

Images by:

Studio upstairs 41. ?Anthony Hill ? Untitled

2. ?Steve Lyddon ? Dreams of love

3. ?Martin Norrish ? Vanguard of the Revolution 2013

4. ?Hayley Hellings ? Emerald Forest 2012

5. ?John Pinfield ? Figure in fragments

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