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Stuart Howitt

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Stuart Howitt

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The images I make are a direct result of my constant endeavour to achieve something which goes beyond the pictorial representation. How do you paint Stuart Howitt 2an object and make it look unique? How do you go beyond the surface of a person’s physical likeness and reflect elements of their personality? How do you cut through the silence of a life pose so that it is able to speak to the viewer?

My pictures are created through a mixture of intense observation, keen draughtsmanship and instinctive response. My work is painterly yet definitive, traditional yet contemporary. Composition is a major factor in the creation of all of my work. It is very much a responsive process of feeling one’s way around and moving the boundaries of the image until a harmonious and correct balance is achieved.

The paint is built up onto the canvas using small areas of colour which are applied with exactitude adjacent to each other, creating a mosaic of colourStuart Howitt 3 and tone that make up the whole. I prefer to leave the traces of brush strokes visible so that they become integral parts of the work. The brush strokes and colour support each other to produce something entirely recognisable upon the surface of the canvas.

I am inspired by the works of many artists from Rembrandt through to Bacon; the commonality which runs throughout all of them is the added psychological and emotional depth which lay just beneath the surface of the canvas.

Stuart Howitt 4Through dogged commitment to the painted form and dedication to visual authenticity I am always striving for ways to move beyond representation and
to communicate on a more emotive level.

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