Sarah Payne

Sarah Payne

Venue 30

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My work includes oil and acrylic paintings and silk screen prints. I was born in the Midlands but grew up in Cornwall and both locations inspire my work and my process. I studied at Plymouth art college (Foundation) and have taken courses in painting, printing and drawing at the RWA and the SGS college in Bristol.

My paintings are largely abstract expressionist, reflecting places, experiences and ideas. I paint in a range of sizes including some large scale work. My screen prints are artist’s prints, I use acrylic and charcoal directly on the screen, transferring that to paper in a one-off process, so that no two prints are the same. With all my work, I love colour: strong, tonal, bright, dark, complementaries or antagonists, and the variety of marks that can be made on canvas. Painters I return to include Marlene Dumas, Sonia Delaunay, Mark Rothko, Peter Doig, William Scott, Patrick Heron, and Rose Hilton.

The arts trail is always an interesting way of seeing a huge range of work, finding out more about the people who produce it and hopefully inspiring us all. As an artist I enjoy meeting visitors to the trail, and I am always happy to talk more about my work.

Email: [email protected]