Sally Wetherall

Sally Wetherall

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Sally Wetherall completed an MA in ceramics at Cardiff College of Art at Howard Gardens in 2005 before becoming artist in residence at Harrow School. She exhibited regularly in London and The south west before moving to Bristol in 2007 and taking some years off from her work with her children Annie and Henry.

Sally’s work revolves around the female figure. Coil built, her pieces are layered with multiple applications of slips and glaze before undergoing a sequence of firings using conventional, Raku and hand built kilns.

The contrast between the stillness and control of the figure and the encrustation and random nature of the surface created is central to her work.

Recently Sally’s work has moved away from solitary figures to creating groups. The fascination here is the interrelation of the forms to each other with the surfaces becoming purer as the forms become more complicated.

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