Oliver Kent

Oliver Kent

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Fish-boats and other ceramic curiosities.

Oliver completed a degree in ceramics at UWE before studying the history of the subject at Staffordshire University. He makes, teaches at Bristol School of Art and is involved in research into the history of kilns and firing technology. He co-ran the Bickley Ceramics Project with David Dawson from 1981-2010 and has built two kilns at the International Ceramics Festival at Aberystwyth.

I enjoy slab-building and the direct way in which clay takes marks and textures and records them. Stories and locations can start a series of pieces ? hence a family of 3-wheler cars. An interest in boat shapes emerged from the story of an aunt who was mascot to a minesweeper trawler in World War 2 and has linked to places like the Underfall Yard in the City Docks. Teapots were one result. Recently the boats have begun mutating into fish and resemble more and more tactile things found on the beach or the Thames Foreshore.


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