Melanie Pike

Melanie Pike

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Melanie Pike designs and hand makes ‘slow’ jewellery at her studioMelanie Pike 2014 2 workshop here in Bristol. Using traditional silversmithing techniques she unites reclaimed, recycled and reincarnated relics in her one-off assemblage pieces.

Melanie Pike 2014 3Melanie comes from a long line of creatives and making is in her blood and bones. She loves working with metal – how it behaves when heated, how it records each process applied to it, its plasticity under the hammer, how it can be textured, polished and endlessly re-made.

In bespoke pieces she transforms customers’ own cherished fragmentsMelanie Pike 2014 (both precious and non precious) into new and highly personal pieces. “Life’s ephemera and tiny treasures can come together to make great pieces of jewellery which connect us imperceptibly to precious people, places and things. The humble charm of a pebble, coin, button or shell, can evoke a whole continent of association”, she says.

Her work was published in a book in the States this year and was selected for both the 160th and 161st Autumn Open Exhibition at Bristol’s RWA.?

Email: [email protected]