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Neil Bartle

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Neil Bartle 1I began painting with serious intent when I was 22 years old.

As an undergraduate,whilst studying for my B.Sc., I became increasingly interested with the work and intentions of modern artists active at that time. As much as my academic coursework permitted, I visited contemporary galleries and read avidly, seeking the “Meaning of Art?”Neil Bartle 4

So strong became my interest I vowed that, with degee studies complete and self-support secured in employment, I would try for myself —-PAINTING !!!

Neil Bartle 3My enthusiasm held. I have been steadfastly engaged ever since. In fact, it soon became clear to me that I had struck upon something that wonderfully re-centred my life, triggering a new energising engagement with being alive, both in spirit and perception: a means to living a richer experience. And so it has remained; 50+years of busy studio pursuit becoming the pivotal core to my developing mind, coming to terms with the realities of the physical and natural world, and the facts of the human social context, exercising its seach for internal Neil Bartlebalance and harmony,and going some way towards constructing its Meaning for Life!!

My creativity evolved along three ways according to three work methods and the manner of invention. No intentional inter-connections exist between the three separate work methods; each is its own path of exploration.

1. Oil paint on Plaster on board.
2. Watermedia on paper.
3. Papercuts.

50+ pictures viewable on my website:

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