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Natasheya Tbealeh

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Welcome to the wonderful world of felt.

Natasheya Tbealeh 1I use needle felt to create pictures and models, particularly of the natural world. I enjoy the versatility of felt as a medium and the accessibility of the needle felting technique.?

I have used needle felt to work collaboratively with people of all ages and abilities on several large projects also exploring the natural world and memory and fantasy.?Natasheya Tbealeh 2

The only limit to this fantastic craft is your imagination.?

I am a partner in Uncanny Creations, A business set up with Helen Houston to promote working with felt and to teach these techniques to people of all ages and abilities. Children especially younger ones find this magical . We have worked in a number of schools throughout the city and are a great hit at Natasheya Tbealen 5children’s parties.

I will be delighted to show the techniques and possibilities of needle felting to anyone visiting my venue on the art trail. It is suitable for anyone with an interest in art, craft and making.

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