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Marion Roach 2Drawing has been important to me since childhood and essential to my life?s work in designing clothes and leads me now into painting.

Marion, a creative designer of Haute Couture, well known for her beautiful heirloom wedding gowns, embroidery, millinery and her speciality, bias-cut chiffon dresses. She studied and graduated at the ?West of England College of Art?, then spent some years in the 60s London Fashion scene where she made dresses for Royalty and film stars. Next, she ran her own very successful dress design business in Bath and Bristol which lasted for many years until she took flight into painting.

I would like to bring to my painting something of my store of experience in dressing people in fabric, colour and constructions, enhancing or sometimes reinventing the female form.

I work with a passion in drawing as well as painting. Painting for me isMarion Roach 4 exploration. I never know what I am going to do until I do it. Just as when designing clothes and I find it so exciting to see what is going to come out of the end of my pencil.

It is movement that inspires me. I am greatly inspired by the organic movements and rhythm taking place in nature whether it is in a flower, or a piece of natural silk that I am about to change into something to put onto a moving body. I am inspired too by the movement and rhythm of the figure itself or growing trees and the constantly changing landscape. Instinctively, I try to put down on to paper the ever changing, growing forms that I see in front of me and that I sense in nature.

Marion Roach 3I design and draw very fast and oil panting can be slow, so I struggle to bring this sense of movement into my paintings.

Painting is a great challenge, it doesn?t get easier and life does get in the way far more than I would ever have allowed it to do before.


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