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Malcolm Farrant

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Malcolm specialises in creations in wood and other modern materials

Malcolm Farrant 2Born and brought up in Cornwall; my creative interest in wood began at an early age, developing from model making to practical applications. In addition to woodturning I have handmade and carved rocking horses.

Although initially taught to do conventional wood turning I decided that a more interesting field would be to make my creations using a methods known as Segmented, Open Segmented and Laminated. This requires considerable patience to ensure that all pieces are cut to exact angles. A single Malcolm Farrant 3bowl may have in excess of 700 individual pieces of wood of various types.

Although I may repeat a design, as each item is individually made no two items are identical.

In addition to using many types of exotic wood I also use man made materials such as Corian and Acrylic. Both in design and materials my work is limited only by my or a customer?s imagination.

Malcolm Farrant 4I have recently returned from the USA where I learnt new techniques from the masters of my craft.

My work has been exhibited and sold in both galleries and private collections. Examples may be seen on

I am always interested in creating work to an individual?s personal requirements. Be it for an ornamental work or an item to be in daily use.

Email: [email protected]