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Mai Wong

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I am a Bristol based artist, and I paint original and modern abstract images in bright Mai Wong 2Acolours. I use free flowing movement and shapes created with energy bursts and lots of enthusiasm. I never ?paint within the lines? – I never have done. In this way, painting reflects the way I live my life!

A little about my background. Growing up, I had eclectic tastes and a wide range of talents and interests. Art has always been one Mai Wong 3Aof my main passions and during my school years I won several awards as an up and coming artist. Following success in GCSE and A-Level Art, I went on to complete a National Diploma in the Arts at Exeter College, before attending the University of the West of England to complete a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design.

After graduating from University, my interest in art took a back seat as I pursued an unrelated career. However, my passion for creating never left me, and several years ago my drive to paint was reignited after I joined a small local art group, The Cornubia. As a consequence of attending this art group, I became involved in several exhibitions where I exhibited and sold some of my work for the first time since leaving University.Mai Wong 4A

The positive response I have received from family and friends, which has resulted in several commissions, has encouraged me to share my art more widely.

Email: ilov[email protected]