Lillian Delevoryas

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Lillian Delevoryas was born in America of Greek parentage, studied art in New York, and moved to England in 1970, where she has made it her home.? Now in her 80?s she can look back to over 60 years of painting behind her.

This year she will exhibit images from three of her most recent series: ?In the Library,? ?The Expulsion from Paradise? and ?In Search of Mary Magdalene?, as well as works from her repertoire of oils, watercolours, pastels and woodblock prints from the past 20 years.?

With increasing age, Lillian has had to adjust her working methods, replacing paint on canvas with printed images, which are then collaged onto a background.? Rather than hindering her creativity, this new technique has had the opposite effect on her work, and has released a wealth of new images.


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