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Laura Pugh 1I tend to describe myself as an acrylic artist of all things nature, which generally means that I take my inspiration from the natural world around me; anything from places, animals, people?the list goes on.

I paint in acrylics, which I find to be a fantastic SONY DSCmedium to work with, mainly due to its flexibility and versatility.

I also have a sideline in pet portraits, which began after displaying one of my paintings I completed of one of my dogs some years ago (I have two, Laura Pugh 3occasionally well-behaved, Jack Russell?s). Although, this is fast becoming the majority of my painting projects and I am excited to work on my first horse this year.

Outside of painting pets, I do currently have quite an interest in trees and flowers. I enjoy painting in quite a detailed manner and hopefully by doing so capturing some of the Laura Pugh 4beauty of nature.

I do sell cards of some of my work, which can be bought online on my Folksy site


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