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Kerry Day

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Kerry Day 2Kerry Day?s paintings make an immediate impression upon you. It?s partly to do with the bright, vigorous palette of colours she uses, and partly about the eye-catching simplicity of her lines and forms. Another factor is the boldness and candour with which she portrays the human form. ?I find the human figure unpredictable, constantly changing and challenging,? explains Kerry, ?There is a connection between the artist and the model: you can capture both their and your own personality and emotions, without it being a portrait or Kerry Day 3self-portrait. I find the process intuitive: I just do it and only afterwards think about whether it has worked or needs changing.?

The bright colours and the simple energy of her forms give Kerry?s paintings a strikingly expressive flavour ? small surprise, then, that her artistic icons and inspirations include such giants of Modernism and Expressionism as Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon, Kerry Day 4Egon Schiele and Toulouse-Lautrec ? plus those three great post-Impressionist masters of colour and drama, Van Gogh, Gauguin and Matisse. A last key influence is Jenny Saville, the painter and Young British Artists member known for her bold, large-scale depictions of naked women.

Kerry?s simple and powerful images pull viewers in with their confidence, colour and sensuality: and, she explains, her work is driven by a love of movement, form and pattern.
?People most frequently describe my paintings as juicy, bold, direct, unafraid and closely observed ? all of which fit with what I am trying to achieve.?

Recently, she has been working on an ongoing series of portraits, trying in each case to fully Kerry Day 5reflect each sitter?s personality and mood.
?I capture an impression of what I see, focusing on elements to make them more dynamic ? for example, emphasising complementary colours and how they react to each other. I like to build up layers of colours, creating texture, pattern
and movement. ?Composition is very important: I want the body to dominate the canvas and its outside environment, and to show the stillness and sensuality within that body.?

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