Katy Bauer

Katy Bauer

Venue 18

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Katy Bauer 2Most of my work is done in the streets as I am an activist with The People?s Republic of Stokes Croft. I also make work for Stokes Croft China. But my ?home work? is a combination of oil painting and ceramics.

Themes and styles vary wildly as I?m always tryingKaty Bauer 3 to make something I don?t know how to make and surprise myself in the process. It?s an unfashionable approach but I hope makes the work warm somehow.

Katy Bauer 4Prices are all over the place too: paintings range from ?40 – ?500, and ceramics ?10 – ?100. For more information please write to me at [email protected]

Email: [email protected]