Kate Williams

Kate Williams

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A Bristol based artist, who having previously studied Textiles and Interior design, focuses a passion for interiors and personal living space to create large-scale paintings.Kate Williams 2

A key process of each painting is visualising each work within an interior scheme. Always allowing every mark made to show through somewhere, as each and every layer make up the complete journey of the piece.

Kate Williams 3A painting can?t ever really be complete; every change of light, new inspiration or accidental paint stroke, all contribute to bringing something else to the canvas. It therefore comes down to knowing when to stop making marks, acknowledge the highlights and transfer those highlights to the next canvas. Ever evolving.

Using colours, textures and materials to evoke thought and emotion, create Kate Williams 4interest and appeal, which lends itself to enhancing an interior space.

Current contemporary abstract works consist of layer upon layer of contrasting thin textured washes, against blended brushwork and thick impasto layers. Varying gloss levels, contemporary colours are emphasised with collage. A love of raw edges as well as etched and drawn Kate Williams 5lines.

Pattern and depth are introduced, etched into the layers exposing the layers. Inspired by jewellery, fabric, interiors, travel, photography.

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.studiokatewilliams.com