Joanne Scofield

Joanne Scofield

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Jo Scofield, with her husband Andrew, has been making conservation, wildlife and human interest documentaries around the world for 30 years.

During their travels they have documented the people and places they have visited and filmed. This collection highlights their travels to Eastern Africa. The length and breath of the Rift valley from the traditional tribes of the Omo Valley in Ethiopia, the Turkana tribe living on the shores of the Jade Sea in Northern Kenya. Samburu tribes living a remote and sustainable pastoral existence in the Northern Frontier country, right down to the south and Masailand on the border of Kenya and Tanzania. Finally there are a few pictures of a village in Mozambique that was being cleared of landmines.

Some are traditional, some contemporary. The collection reflects people upholding fascinatingly traditional cultures and lifestyles and stunning adornment. The pictures are all beautifully printed on canvas for a chalky quality similar to a painting.

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