Jessa Fairbrother

Jessa Fairbrother

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The sleeping roomJessa Fairbrother is an artist using conceptual photography inspired by the familiar, yearning and role-playing of identities. She often uses long-exposures or the embellishment / destruction of photographs after they have been made. Work includes hand-embroidered pin-pricked originals with highly textured surfaces and limited edition My too blue heart on your two blue sleevesphotographic prints.

?She holds an MA in Photographic Studies from the University of Westminster, and a BA in English from Durham University. She was a journalist while developing her photographic career, contributing to publications including Blown, The Guardian and The sleeping room.Cent Magazine. She is the recipient of awards, bursaries and honourable mentions in the UK, Europe and Canada.

Group shows include The Discerning Eye, London, Cornerhouse, Manchester, Ambika P3, London and RWA, Bristol.

email: [email protected]