Jen Hamilton

Jen Hamilton

I was first introduced to clay whilst doing my Art GCSE in Dorset. With the support from my family I was encouraged to go on studying the wonders of clay as a material. Jenny HamiltonIt was during my Ceramic BA(Hons) in Cardiff that I began to make forms on the potter’s wheel. I instantly fell in love with the process. I became very interested in the debate about whether functional items are seen as art. Some people believe that the more you use an object the more you neglect it and therefore fail to see it as an art form. I believe that handmade objects have a soul, they tell a story, and these functional yet aesthetically pleasing pieces can enlighten everyday actions.

In 2005 I established The Village Pottery. My dream was to set up a space where I had a studio, shop and café. I wanted people to be able to come in use my work whilst enjoy watching and learning how pottery is made. We live in such an instant society that we sometimes loose site of how much love, care and time goes into hand-crafted items.

My business has developed over the years to include teaching small and large groups, baby feet imprinting, wedding lists, bespoke restaurant tableware, personalised commissions. However what brings me most joy remains the same: that is, that my pottery is bringing joy and happiness to people’s lives everyday around the world.

There will be guest potters exhibiting during the art trail: Alice Shields and Liz Vidal..

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