Javiera Morales

Javiera Morales

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I am a doll maker based in Bristol and have been making them for about 3 years now. Previously I was painting in acylic on large format canvas having done a foundation art course in Santiago, Chile.

My dolls are made out of fabric, and carefully hand painted with special fabric paints. The faces are drawn with fabric pens. Each doll is unique, and so much fun to create! The whole process of buying the supplies and designing a doll is very exciting for me, and I especially enjoy making the outfits.

My inspiration comes from classic old vintage dolls, I love to do iconic people too. I have also done a few commissions, which has led me in new and exciting directions. All my dolls are brightly coloured. They really stand out in a room and look great in a corner, on a shelf or even hung on the wall. I was born and raised in Chile. I am passionate about Mexican art and this has influenced the way I paint and dress the dolls.

Email: [email protected]

Online shop: www.etsy.com/shop/javieramoralesdolls