Jane Henriques

Jane Henriques

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Jane Henriques 2Art for me is freedom, after living with the constraints of research and writing. It allows me to be myself. With a background in Anthropology and Animal Behaviour, it?s perhaps not surprising that the two are blended in my anthropomorphic characters, or that, with many years of film and Jane Henriques 4investigative journalism behind me,? there seems to be a narrative in my work.

However, my animal imagery began after my country life in the Cotswolds ended 10 years ago and I moved into town ? horse sold, cat buried, stars obscured. A sense of nostalgia remains; the characters I create are my playfellows and nature remains my passion. Printmaking allows me to keep my work as well as share it. My images give me pleasure – and I like to spread it around.

Jane Henriques 5My favourite medium is stone lithography (painting and drawing on limestone feels right for a Cotswold girl) but I enjoy many media, including clay modelling. My print studio on the French Pyrenees is called ?La Poule Bott?e? (Chick in Boots) after my favourite terracotta character ? a large hen in green wellies. Together we welcome visitors! I teach a bit and take delight in ?playing art? with local children.

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