Ronald Bevan

Ronald Bevan

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Newport College of ArtRonald Bevan 2
Swansea College of Art
University of Wales

My work has been shown, primarily, at Welsh Arts Council exhibitions,
the Contemporary Art Society of Wales, the RWA, the Millfield Open
Summer exhibition,the Beatrice Royale Open Summer exhibition, the
Cheltenham Group and, recently, in France.

The Sculpture: Inert materials are transformed into imaginary objects
which should be unique and, if successful, have a spark of life –
their own presence. They have references to the organic or mechanical
; to utility or to games ; to performance or to purpose, often in
carnival-like sequences.They make no claims of relevance to the world
of reality : they inhabit their own small, singular universe.

These sculptures are on a small to medium scale, free-standing or in
high relief. Their suggestions of motion can help imply dynamism and
their surface qualities can add to the impression of density or
weight. Sleight of hand and humour are often present and, as with much
in art, there are a ragbag of influences or borrowings.

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