Jacqueline Weir

Jacqueline Weir

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Jacqueline Weir 2My recent work consists of a series of paintings, mixed media works and screen prints. I use photographs and drawings for reference in the creation of the work. The current works are influenced by the landscape in Switzerland; the works are inspired by the natural beauty and Jacqueline Weir 3magnificence of the place, the light and the magical tranquillity, yet with a quality of eerie stillness.

I often start with drawings and photographs, going on to reinvent the landscape, incorporating memories and associations that manifests a place between reality and fantasy. The work contains figurative and abstract elements, juxtaposing contrasting images and playing with scale and colour to change and distort. The imagery has evolved in the making of the Jacqueline Weir 4works, both through painting and reworking Jacqueline Weir 7and manipulating images in Photoshop, creating a tension between representation and abstraction. Layers are built up exploring the minimal form and colour emphasized by the stark white.

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