Ilsa Fatt

Ilsa Fatt

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ilsa Fatt 1aIn 1997 I wandered into a bead shop in Palo Alto, California, and fell in love with all the sparkling colours.? Ever since, I have been increasingly obsessed by all things beady.

I now make my own glass beads, using the ancient technique of lampworking.? This involves melting the ends of coloured glass rods over a blowtorch, and wrapping the molten glass around a metal rod.? After the glass has cooled, the metal rod is removed, forming the hole through Ilsa Fatt 2the bead.? I use layers of transparent and opaque glass to make seascapes like miniature wearable paperweights.? I also make irridescent glass beads, using layers of silver leaf and glass that contains particles of silver.? I like to create organic, freeformed shapes full of detail both within the glass and on the surface.

I also create large-scale woven seed bead jewellery pieces.? I love ilsa fatt3to use colours that blend into each other, using the tiny seed beads as elements in a woven mosaic.? My woven bead pieces are often three-dimensional, with curls and ruffles, and surface embellishments.? I often incorporate my own glass beads to make a richly textured woven bead fabric, full of intricate detail.


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