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Helen King

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Now based in Bristol, Helen King has travelled extensively, living and Helen King 2working in Canada, Eastern Europe and the Far East.

Originally a painter, in the last six years Helen has concentrated on developing her skills as a ceramicist. In 2010 she completed a HND in Design and Studio Ceramics at The Bristol School of Art.

She is enjoying the challenge of adapting aspects of painting to the design, Helen King 3making and glazing of ceramics. Glazing is in many ways like painting, but with the added elements of extreme heat and fire. The results, although at times a little unpredictable, can be stunning. Opening a kiln, often full of months of work can be daunting, but also hugely exciting.

Most of Helen?s ceramics are fired to stoneware using a variety of clays, Helen King 4sometimes in conjunction with each other. Porcelain slip when added to clay at the biscuit firing stage is a feature of Helen?s bowls and lifts the colour and intensity of the glazes.

Helen is happy to open her studio to interested parties.

Email: [email protected]