Heidi Webber

Heidi Lee-Webber

Venue 30

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HandI glass is a combination of Heidi Lee-Webber and Ian Lee’s work. We have always worked in a collaborative way with Ian being the more technical (and patient) and Heidi with the more “try and see” approach. We both love colour, form and function and we believe that our work should be useful as well as good to look at.

We’ve been working with glass since 2010 when we attended a short course at the Folk House learning the basics of stained glass and have gone on to do many short courses at Creative Glass Guild in St Phillips focussing on fused glass which is what we concentrate on now.

Having both been avid amateur photographers, our inspiration comes from the visual rather than the inner mindful state with a deep love of patterns in nature, from cityscapes and from the joy of the glass itself and what we can persuade it to do once it starts to become molten. We hope that our work makes people smile and brings a bit of colour into their worlds.

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