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Effie Romain

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Over the years I have had a couple of books on gardening published and I?ve Effie Romain 2run an art gallery, but mostly I?ve painted. When I?ve been too busy, the thing I want to do most is paint.? Sometimes though, when I have plenty of time, I find it hard to get down to painting and find other tasks tempting.

Effie Romain 3A friend suggested that it was impossible to do more than a few hours’ painting each day. That helped.? So now I paint, often with other people, which is a delight, and often in a room I am lucky enough to have, which is dedicated to painting. But the results I want to achieve are elusive. Despite this it is very nice to share your paintings with other people. I was once questioning the value of exhibiting and somebody told me ?Who? would polish an aria to sing to an empty room??? and that is what the Arts Trail is about, I think.? It gives an opportunity for painters to share what they are doing with other people.

This year quite a few of my paintings have been made around the Effie Romain 1aHarbourside area and you may recognise some of the landmarks. And I?m afraid any number of other subjects too ? flowers and narrative pictures and landscapes around Harbouside.

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