Charlotte Boyce

Charlotte Boyce

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I started painting after creating some pieces to hang in my refurbished house whilst it was on the market. The pleasure and satisfaction I got from Charlotte Boyce 2painting shocked me. Rapidly the amount I was painting increased. Once I started I was unable to stop; I had got the painting bug. I was hooked. Painting is now a part of my life, a way of life. I now cannot imagine not painting. I feel free; there are no boundaries.

My inspiration is the sheer beauty of nature, capturing the atmosphere and fluid forms I witness on my travels, constantly amazed by the particular beauty of the natural world. I am particularly drawn to the movement the Charlotte Boyce 3wind has on plants. This first caught my attention when I was a child out riding my horse. It was Summer time: the corn fields were golden, and grass fields were long waiting to be cut for hay and silage. I would watch the rhythmic motion of the wind moving through the fields. It was like watching waves on the ocean gracefully making their way to shore. The flowers and grasses within the meadows would bend and twist dancing to the beat of the wind. Always reaching to the sky, happy to see the sunshine. When dusk came, some would start to droop, sad to see it leave.

I am aiming to create artwork which will invoke a feeling, memory or an emotion for the viewer ? colour and texture play an important part. It has Charlotte Boyce 4a contemporary floral theme to them. My work is created on box or stretch canvas using mix media incorporating acrylic, emulsion and texture paste – finished with three layers of satin varnish to help bring out the colours but also for protection. I create the background, then just sit and look at it for a while to see how the floral forms will grow and flow over the canvas space.

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