Cecilia Sjoholm

Cecilia Sjoholm

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Cecilia is a London based artist who works with a variety of techniques and materials. Drawings and paintings often feature beeswax. Metal, MDF and plywood are used for three dimensional work. With an educational background in fine art, interior and architecture, her art practice is focussed around the concepts of structure, scale and spatiality.

Central to the work is an ongoing exploration into the notion of perception of volume and flatness. The search is for multiple interpretations of abstract form, including consideration of how the content negotiates the borders of a paper or the physical dimension of a wall, a room or a space.

Site-specific works respond to context by giving potentially unseen particulars that define a “place” a way of encouraging attention; an “apostrophe” to its existence. In other situations, the work reconfigures and subverts existing spaces, querying methods of measuring space on an abstract level.

Often starting with a systematic approach and using a structure as a basis, she is interested in how to disrupt or re-configure this, using subjective and intuitive methods. By this process she is searching for the tension that can occur when a system is undermined, collides with itself or ceases to exist. She is also exploring the boundaries between two and three dimensional languages and how to blur the distinctions between the two.

Her recent / ongoing work includes site-specific art pieces in Gothenburg, Sweden (Trapphus and Threshold, as SjoholmPhillips).  She has taken part in a number of group exhibitions including APT plus one, APT Gallery (2018), Bainbridge Open at ASC Gallery (2018), Components selected by Artnumber23 (2018), Creekside Open 2017 selected by Alison Wilding at APT galley (2017), monoChroma at the Crypt Gallery (2016) and What is the Point? at Mall Galleries (2015). She recently a participant in the London Creative Network artist development programme, run by SPACE.

Email: [email protected]