Bronwen Grover

Bronwen Grover

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Bronwen Grover 2Last year went well. I sold work and received compliments. Some people who attended WBAT told me that they had specifically come to see my work. I felt so pleased – thank you.

This year I am working on a series of etchings and Bronwen Grover 3dry points based on my drawings and photographs of wildlife which I saw in South Africa last September. This is a big project as my plan is to show them at Grant Bradley in November.I will show some over the WBAT weekend as a taster, and one, a buffalo, is Bronwen Grover 4now on the web site. This splendid bull was part of a large herd, which our guide estimated at approx 500!

I am very happy to say that my main image, inspired by ancient Greek sculpture, was selected by the RWA as part of their springtime exhibition ‘Drawn.’ It is the first piece of work I have shown there.

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