Bethan McFadden

Bethan McFadden

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Bethan Mcfadden 2Bethan McFadden specialises in fine pencil drawings of animals and forms found in nature, often with a surreal or ethereal quality.

Since completing a BA in Drawing at Camberwell College of Art in 2008, she has exhibited in a number of galleries in London, one in Montreal, and Bethan McFadden 3in Bristol. In June this year she created life sized drawings of endangered animals and exhibited them at Hamilton House as part of the Big Green Week. A percentage of the profit of the sold works was given to Bristol-based charity, the Soil Association.

Bethan McFadden 4Animals have been a consistent theme in her work; 3 years ago she spent a month as artist in residence at a wild animal refuge centre in Bolivia, Communidad Inti Wara Yassi, where she created drawings of the animals there, which were then sold to raise funds for the organisation.

Bethan is currently working towards another fundraising exhibition in Bethan McFadden 5London next year, which will include drawings of a variety of creatures from tiny bumblebees to a huge polar bear. She also takes commissions.

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