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Beth Richmond

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Beth Richmond 3I like to use stone beads in a natural or close-to-natural state; to mix them with precious metals; to play with colour, form and texture. I use sterling silver, some gold and copper to go with the beads, and I also work in forged silver, sometimes with gold added.

I love knowing that all these beautiful stones and metals are in the ground under our feet as we go about our daily lives, and the connection that we make with Beth Richmond 2the earth when we wear them.

I am inspired by landscape ? mountains and volcanoes where rocks are formed, and the sea and shore where they are turned into pebbles.

Many of my pieces are made with beach pebbles; either ones I have collected or commissions made with a client?s own pebbles. Beach pebbles become gently polished when worn against the skin, bringing out the markings and making them look as vibrant as they did in the sea when they were found.

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