Beth Nicholas

Beth Nicholas

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Internationally exhibited artist Beth Nicholas studied Textile Design at The Beth Nicholas 4University of the West of England and graduated in 2004.

From Bristol she moved to London for a little under a decade, working in costume for film, television and Beth Nicholas 3theatre and teaching arts and craft workshops.

In 2009, Beth was offered a post as an Artist in residence at Wycombe Abbey school for Girls. The residency helped Beth focus and build a strong foundation for her practice, exploring both Beth Nicholas 2femininity and textures and introducing her to the concept of Wabi-Sabi.

Returning to London in 2011 Beth was taken on by a well-established gallery in West London, Fiumano Fine Art, and has been exhibiting in art fairs and exhibitions both nationally and internationally since.

The foundation of my current body of work lies in the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi: exploring the beauty found within transience. ?From finding a rotting garment by a stream to a stream of consciousness, my current Beth Nicholas 3collection travels through ethereal, abstract landscape style paintings into figurative ink drawings that investigate the subconscious.

My work is extremely cathartic. I spend hours slowly manipulating the ink to find the right composition and sometimes when its dry writing streams of consciousness on top of the work. The writing for me is an important element: as a dyslexic it can at times be a huge struggle, but at other times the thoughts flow and the time flies.

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