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Anna Duckworth

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Anna Duckworth 3Anna?is a Bristol based artist with a passion for the sea and the wild outdoors. She loves to paint high energy pictures of sailing, windsurfing and skiing and finds herself captivated by light, water and snow. With a penchant for high contrast, dynamic scenes she breaks away from fine art tradition with her preference for capturing the buzz of action. Her portfolio also includes a growing gallery of portraits and large canvases of Anna Duckworth 1abrightly coloured flowers. She uses a range of media to give her work colour-brilliance and bold texture and usually paints on canvas or board.

She came to painting in her forties with a career Anna Duckworth 2in?executive coaching and a background in physics and engineering. Her preference for learning is to pick up new techniques as she creates and her style is constantly evolving.

Anna loves to paint from attractive photographs and Anna Duckworth 4often prefers to understand what the client loves rather than to paint for general appeal. The images on her website?give a feel for some of her recent work, much of which has been commissions. If you want her to paint something, she is waiting to be asked by you! You can also follow her art activities by googling ?AnnaArtbyanna? on facebook and twitter.

Email:?[email protected]