Angie Broome

Angie Broome

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Angie Broome 3I am asked if my work is “always humorous” as though this makes it lack any gravitas. My reply is “usually”, as that is how I try to see life?.

What I am always striving to do is extract the essence of my subject and produce it in a lively way so evoking an emotional response in the viewer, which I obviously do in the case above.Angie Broome 2

“The artist Angie Broome is a must for anyone who loves a dog, and that certainly includes myself. I love this witty lino-cut print of a girl hugging her dog, particularly as the dog looks like my Irish Terrier, Ned”

Mary Nordern, Interiors Editor, Red Magazine.


Angie Broome 3Acrylic and mixed media paintings, prints from lino and wood Angie Broome 5cuts, drawings and cards. Some are of dogs but certainly not all! Come and see.