Angie Broome

Angie Broome

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I work by making sketches and getting to know a place over a long period of time. Then in my studio I set about putting my memories/ideas of this place into paintings, drawings and sometimes prints. Often this means concentrating on shapes and colour. I use acrylic, ink, charcoal and pencil; anything that makes the work come alive.

Sometimes too an overheard remark or saying will spark the idea of a print which are often, but not always, humorous. I use lino , wood or dry point and and hand pull them using a press.

My work is a about extracting the essence of a subject and evoking an emotive response, not reproducing a reproduction of what is in front of me, though close observation is how I get there.

Acrylic and mixed media paintings, lino cuts and dry point prints in small editions, drawings and cards.

Email: [email protected]