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Amy Mae Ceramics

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Amy Mae 2My coloured porcelain bees’ nest sculptures are offerings of protection to vulnerable invertebrates whose habitats are being destroyed to make way for housing, gardens and industrial development.? Though they are small, insect pollinators like bees, hoverflies, beetles and butterflies are essential to biodiversity and agricultural success in the UK.?? These pieces are influenced by their vulnerability and strength.? I am especially interested in the Amy Mae 3protective shells and husks insects create in their daily lives to establish colonies, protect the brood and store food such as pollen and nectar.? This is reflected in the forms I create and the materials I use, porcelain being simultaneously the most delicate and durable ceramic substance.

To make the nest sculptures I must first create crocheted twine models from which plaster moulds are made.? I use colourfully stained porcelain slip to cast Amy Mae 4clay components one at a time, as the bumblebees do making the pods of which their nests are composed.

With this work I want to bring awareness to the cause of insect pollinators and reduce our fear of these fascinating creatures.

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